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French and Indian War

Teaching the French and Indian War? With worksheets, reading activities, and more from our expert teacher team, you can bring this important part of American history alive in your social studies classroom!

What Was the French and Indian War?

Considered a "theater" of the Seven Years War between Britain and France, the French and Indian War was fought in what is now the northeastern United States and Canada from 1754 to 1763. The historical event was a face-off between British colonists living in North America and French troops. The war takes its name from a critical group of allies. Many who fought and died were Indigenous Peoples, including Native Americans from the modern-day US and members of Canada's various First Nations tribes. The French and Indian War was ended by the Treaty of Paris of 1763, but it would ultimately lead to the American Revolution, and we've made it easy to explore the connections between the two in your classroom!

How to Teach About the French and Indian War

Teaching about the French and Indian War isn't just about teaching students US history. It's also a way to introduce primary documents, talk about imperialism and land ownership, discuss Native American history, and more. Each resource in this French and Indian War teaching resource collection has been created by a teacher and rigorously reviewed by the Teach Starter teacher team to ensure it's ready for your classroom!

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