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Flag Day

Flag Day is not an official federal holiday but is celebrated every year on June 14th  to honor the American Flag. President Woodrow Wilson set June 14 as Flag Day in 1916, but it was never actually approved as a true national  holiday by Congress. Check out some of the Q&A we've put together to help you teach Flag Day Facts for Kids.

  • Is Flag Day a Federal Holiday? No!  Even with Wilson’s act, on a federal level, the holiday was not passed by Congress.
  • Flag Day honors the American Flag traditions. Historically, it was thought that Betsy Ross created made the first flag . However, it is actually believed that a Congressman named Francis Hopkinson created the first flag.
  • The thirteen stripes on the flag represent the thirteen original colonies, and the colors of the stripes, red and white, stand for the courage and purity of our nation. The stars stand for the fifty states.
This collection is home to a grouping of resources perfect for teaching your primary students about the American flag and its history. Some Patriotic  worksheets and activities we've put together are
  • Flag Day Craft Activities
  • Flag day Mini Book for Beginning Readers
  • Cross-Curricular Math Worksheets about Flag Day
  • Flag Day Projects
You'll also find a handful of Flag Day teaching presentations, American Flag and Symbol Posters, and even Patriotic Classroom decor and banners.

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