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First Day of School Activities Teaching Resources

Dive into a curated collection of teacher-created first day of school activities and ice-breakers to help your students settle in and feel comfortable. Our back-to-school resources for teachers to use on the first day of the school year includes hundreds of printables and digital options, such as:

What to Do on the First Day of School for Students

If it's your first year as a teacher or your first first day in a brand new classroom, you may be wondering what to do on the first day of school for students. Don't worry! Our team of expert teachers have put together dozens of first day activities! Some things you might want to add to your list:
  1. Have students fill out an "all about me" template to tell you about themselves.
  2. Take students on a fun tour of the school with a first day of school scavenger hunt.
  3. Share classroom rules and school procedures.
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