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Famous Historical Figures

Expand your students' knowledge of famous historical figures from United States history and from around the world with historical figure teaching resources created by teachers for teachers. Explore the real-life experiences of politicians, Civil Rights leaders, explorers, and other famous people from history with writing activities about influential figures, biographical worksheets, constructed responses, crossword puzzles, and more explorations into the lives of some of history's best-known figures.

Why Is It Important to Learn About Historical Figures?

When students learn about the various historical figures who have made a mark in the nation's and world's history, they develop a better understanding of the relationships between individual people and society as a whole. Learning about famous people from throughout history also helps them to connect to the past as they look at history through the lens of real-life experiences.

Famous Historical Figures in This Collection

This collection of teaching resources includes activities, instructional slide decks, and more educational resources to help students learn about important figures from the days of the 13 colonies to more modern times, including:

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