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Whether it's Dinovember or you're just looking for new dinosaur worksheets, dino games, and dino-riffic activities to expand your students' learning about paleontology, you've landed in the right place! The teaching resources in this collection are all created by teachers, for teachers, and each printable worksheet and digital activity has undergone our rigorous review process performed by qualified expert teachers.

Dinosaur Facts for Kids

Teaching curious minds about dinosaurs opens them up to a whole world of biology and science, with lessons such as:
  • How animals leave behind evidence (like fossils!) that we can use to make inferences and draw conclusions about what they did and how they lived
  • What animals eat to survive and the different food sources that sustain them (comparing herbivores to carnivores, for example) plus the overall food chain
  • How different body parts of the different dinosaur types affected how they lived
Looking to get your students excited about dinosaurs or just seeking a few dinosaur facts for kids to share with your class? Here are a few of our teacher team's favorites!
  1. The titanosaur is believed to have been the largest dinosaur in existence. It weighed about 77 tons and was 122 feet long!
  2. The name "brontosaurus" means "thunder lizard" in Greek.
  3. The T-Rex had 50 to 60 teeth, and each one was the size of a banana.
  4. Twenty T-Rex skeletons have been discovered by scientists, and one of the most famous has been named Sue.
  5. Scientists have found evidence of more than 700 different species of dinosaurs.

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