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Crossword Puzzles

Give early finishers a vocabulary workout with fun crossword puzzles for kids created especially for the elementary classroom by the Teach Starter team of teachers! This collection of crossword puzzle printables will help students practice their vocabulary words, and many can be used online with students in Google Classroom as well as in the classroom. Although they're made up of boxes, this classroom teacher tool can literally help students think outside of it. Students improve problem-solving as they retrieve words from memory and practice spelling to answer the various crossword clues.

How Do You Use Crossword Puzzles in the Classroom?

Looking for new ways to use crossword puzzles in the classroom? Try this teacher inspiration on for size:
  1. Use crosswords as a motivational tool. Did you know research shows this handy word game can help students build their confidence in their literacy skills? Use that to your advantage — and to your students' too!
  2. Set up crosswords as a bell-ringer activity to help students get ready for the day.
  3. Use the puzzles as a self-assessment tool.
  4. Assign crossword puzzles as part of a lesson or unit review.
  5. Allow students to work together to solve the clues as part of a teamwork exercise.
  6. And many, many more!

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