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Constructed Response

Are you losing precious lesson planning time writing your own constructed response worksheets and questions to assess your students' understanding? Say hello to a teacher-created collection of constructed response worksheets in PDF and Google Slides form! With both printable and digital options, this elementary teaching resource collection is stocked with writing prompts, R.A.C.E.S. graphic organizers, and more tools you can use to assess your ELA students. Curious about using constructed response in your classroom? Take a look at this quick guide from our teacher team! 

What Is a Constructed Response?

Constructed responses are non-fiction reading and writing experiences connected to content in all subject areas and geared toward students in grades K-6. These writing opportunities are critical to assessing student understanding of nonfiction texts, and they are heavily weighted on standardized tests. Crucial to this type of assessment tool is the inclusion of CRQs or constructed response questions, which require students to construct an answer (hence the name) rather than choosing from a pre-filled list. This setup requires students to carefully read the question being posed and to use detailed explanations and/or relevant vocabulary to showcase their depth of understanding. A constructed response can measure how students:
  1. Organize their thoughts
  2. Demonstrate higher-level thinking skills
  3. Provide support to explain their answers

Constructed Response Examples

Constructed response can take a variety of forms, but some of the most common examples include:
  1. Fill-in-the-blank
  2. Short paragraph writing
  3. Essay writing

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