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Download digital and printable Christmas activities for your elementary classroom — from Christmas coloring pages to Santa worksheets to beautifully designed Christmas classroom decorations! Created by teachers for teachers, every resource in this collection is available for download, and each has undergone a rigorous review by the teachers on the Teach Starter team to ensure they’re student-ready.

What Should I Do for Christmas in School?

Celebrating the December holiday in the classroom this year but not sure where to get started? The teachers on the Teach Starter team have got you covered with fun Christmas activities for your classroom! Give any of these a try:
  1. Take a photo of each student, and have students create photo frames to take home to parents, guardians, or someone special this holiday.
  2. Set up a holiday photo booth for some fun in the classroom (the photos can be used in the gifts for their loved ones)!
  3. Partner with another class to buddy up and make gingerbread houses together out of graham crackers.
  4. Practice writing letters with a holiday card writing assignment or — for the younger kids — a Santa letter writing assignment.
  5. Challenge your students to 12 days of kindness in honor of the holiday season.
  6. Learn about other cultural celebrations of Christmas from around the world.

When Is Christmas 2022?

Christmas is celebrated on December 25 every year. If the holiday falls on a weekend, the federal holiday will be recognized on the following Monday. In 2022, the federal holiday will be Monday, December 26. The last day of school before Christmas varies by school, but because Christmas is on a Sunday this year, many schools will not close for winter break until late December.

Christmas in the Classroom

Before holding any Christmas-related celebrations in the classroom, you may want to check the rules in your district and/or school building. In addition to the many Christmas worksheets and activities, we have an entire collection of general winter resources for teachers to use to be inclusive of children from all backgrounds.

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