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Blank United States Maps Teaching Resources

The possibilities are endless with printable blank United States maps for the whole country and the entire state, ready to use in your elementary school classroom!

What's Included?

Created by the teacher team at Teach Starter, this collection of printable blank US maps includes:
  • One blank map for each of the 50 US states from Alabama to Wyoming
  • Blank maps of the original 13 colonies Colonial America
  • Printable maps of the United States today
Many of the US maps are featured in black and white for teachers to easily edit to suit their needs with blank space to add in state capitals, major cities, bodies of water, and more. Other blank maps are ready to be printed in color to display in your classroom or incorporate into your geography lessons.

How to Use These Blank Maps

Print the map that's right for your next lesson, and engage your students in the fun of US geography while identifying the 50 US states and their capitals, locating notable cities around America, learning about landmarks, mountains, rivers, oceans, and more. Turn blank maps of the individual US states into explorations of your home state, allow students to choose an individual state for social studies research projects, and more! Our blank United States maps are perfect for students to use along with this printable state research report template, and the completed reports can be hung in the school hallway as a display for parent-teacher night or for parents to read while they're waiting to enter the school concert.
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