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Behavior Charts Teaching Resources

Are you adding behavior charts to your classroom management strategy this school year? This teaching resource collection has you covered with printable behavior charts built around positive reinforcement and helping students recognize and reflect on misbehavior. Built by the expert teachers on the Teach Starter team, this collection uses evidence-based practices for monitoring student behavior and clearly communicating behavioral expectations while also providing motivation for students to make good choices in the elementary classroom.
Need a few tips on using behavior charts in your classroom? Take a peek at this primer from our teacher team!

How to Use Behavior Charts Appropriately

Behavior clip charts. Changing your color. Pulling your card. These are old methods of managing student behavior, and you won't see them in this teaching resource collection. A good behavior management plan does not shame students. Instead, the behavior charts included in this collection make use of:
  1. Whole class behavior monitoring and positive reinforcement mechanisms to motivate students to act appropriately
  2. Individualized behavior tracking that can be kept between a teacher and student and focus on goal achievement
  3. Reflection activities that allow students to consider behavior and allow for student-led goal creation
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