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American Revolution

Take your social studies students back to the American Revolution with curriculum-aligned resources created by teachers for your elementary school classrooms. Explore the timeline of the American Revolution from the French and Indian War through the establishment of the 13 Colonies and beyond. Get printable maps of Colonial America for students. Download printables that cover the Boston Tea Party, Boston Massacre, and other major moments from the Revolutionary War period. This era of American history comes to life in this teaching resource collection with printable and digital resources that can be edited to fit the needs of your lesson plan and your individual students. Each resource has been created by a teacher to help students meet Common Core and state-level standards, and each has undergone a rigorous review by the teachers on the Teach Starter team to ensure they're student-ready.

When Was the American Revolution and Why Do We Teach About It?

Are you teaching about the Revolutionary War for the first or the first time in a long time? Here's a quick refresher! The Revolutionary War began in 1775 and lasted until 1783. Also known as the American Revolution, this conflict was waged between the British colonies in America and Great Britain with the colonies eventually securing independence from the British monarchy. This of course paved the way for the creation of the United States of America. You might hear a few groans from students who can't believe they have to learn about a war that occurred before even their great-grandparents were alive, but the American Revolution gave birth to America and is a cornerstone of social studies education in the fourth grade. Students learn not just points on a timeline but about freedom and the limits of freedom and the ideals of equality and natural rights. Examination of the British monarchy and the eventual creation of a democratic republic in America offers a look at the different types of world governments, and the revolution introduces students to the impacts of American events on a global stage. 

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