Episode 18

Rob Hunter and His Whole Class was Kidnapped at Gunpoint

Recorded by | Run time: 29 min, 37 sec


Before most of us became teachers (and before many of us were even born), Australia was shocked by the brazen country school kidnappings of the 1970s. Rob Hunter, a 20 year old in his first fortnight of teaching, was confronted at gunpoint and kidnapped with his nine young students. Rob’s (reluctantly) a true hero of our profession.

Find out how his rational thinking and calm demeanour protected his students from physical harm during their captivity. In the absence of any formal trauma support, Rob drew upon his own inner strength to not only rise above his own trauma but to continue devoting his life to teaching in the aftermath of this horrific event. Rob, now retired after 42 years, spends his time educating teenagers on strategies for dealing with mental and emotional hurt in his program Kidnapped Teacher Talks.

Rob’s book, Day 9 at Woreen, is available on his website and at Booktopia.

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