Episode 372

Climate Change Education: Last Word (for now!)

Recorded by | Run time: 11 min, 31 sec


Now that COP26 is over, we just thought we’d add some final thoughts for teachers to sit with as we head towards school holidays and a fresh new start next term. In this episode, Michael and Bron are joined by Melanie Mokken from The Rainforest Alliance, and Mike Creamer, geography teacher from Penicuik, Scotland.

Both of these guests talked about the importance of really bringing the very big, global issue of Climate Change and localising it for children in order to start them on a path of awareness and action that’ll set them up to be compassionate global citizens in the future

Thanks for joining us on this journey, and don’t forget to check out the other recent episodes in our Climate Change Education series.

Join us Friday for Teacher Voicemail, where we’re asking: What will be your parting gift to your students this year?


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