Episode 382

Bonus Episode: Trauma Informed Practice - FAQs

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Recently we facilitated this webinar on trauma-informed practice. We had a huge response and during the Q&A we received more than 70 questions - far too many to cover in our 1- hour session!

It was clear that the topic you were most interested in hearing about was behaviour management strategies. We heard you! As promised, we took those questions to our experts and we've recorded this podcast episode to answer some of them. 

[Behaviour Resources]

"Sitting down and reasoning is quite often very challenging for kids who have experienced trauma, and you need the foundational aspects of your relationships with educators and with others and capacity to regulate as well before you get to that higher order functioning skill of being able to reason." - Dr Emily Berger.

As you'll hear in the recording, research shows that students who have experienced trauma have diverse needs when it comes to emotional regulation. 

Our behaviour management collection contains resources, blogs, and podcasts to support your trauma informed practice. 

Catch up on the original Q&A webinar here.

Professor Martin and Dr Berger's template for a school trauma-informed practice policy is available here.

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