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Word Work Grid and Worksheets – Version 1

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    Year:  3 - 7

A grid with spelling activities and corresponding worksheets.

Use this grid of spelling activities during literacy rotations or as part of your weekly spelling revisions.

Available as a PDF download or a student facing Google Slides document.

Activities on the grid include:

Syllable Sort – Write your spelling words in order from the least amount of syllables to the most. Words with the same number of syllables should be in alphabetical order.

Odd One Out – For each of your spelling words, write four words. One is your spelling word, two relate to your spelling word and one is the odd word out that doesn’t fit with the other two.

Wacky Words – On a sheet of paper, write your spelling words in different directions, filling up the whole sheet. Use different colours and types of writing for each word.

Word Detective – Write three clues about each of your spelling words. Ask someone to try to guess your spelling words using your clues.

Digging in the Dictionary – Use a dictionary to find the definition and write a sentence for each of your spelling words.

Rhyming Wheels –  Think of as many words as you can that rhyme with your spelling words.

Alliteration – Write a sentence for each of your spelling words using as much alliteration as possible.

Sentence Smart – Write a sentence for each of your spelling words.

Story Time – Write a story using as many of your spelling words as you can. Underline each of your spelling words.

Sort Them Out – Sort the words on your spelling list into three different categories of your choice.

Word Search – Create your own word search using all the words on your spelling list.

Handwriting Hero* – Write out your spelling words in your very best cursive handwriting.

Letter Lingo – Write a letter to a friend. Use as many spelling words in your letter as you can.

Words Within Words – Make a list of as many smaller words as you can find from your spelling list.

Code Breaker – Use the cipher to make a code for each of your spelling words.

*For the Handwriting Hero activity, head to our Handwriting Sheet widget to customise a page of handwriting lines that are appropriate to your school.


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  • Andy Nielson

    Hi Could you do this resource in Word format as well so the amount of activities can be adjusted for specific students please. :)

    • Kristian

      Hi Andy, Many of the sheets in this are blank templates to be distributed to the students. If you were after a specific sheet of text you'd like to have editable, please feel free to request a resource here: https://www.teachstarter.com/request-a-resource/ Requests are voted on by the Teach Starter community. We create the top request each week. Please let me know if you have any further questions, I'm more than happy to help. Kind regards, Kristian