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Roots Window Graphic Organiser

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PDF | 1 page | Years: 5 - 6

Organise ideas about roots and their origins with this graphic organiser.

A Visual Display of Roots Knowledge 

Are you looking for an appealing way for students to demonstrate their understanding of roots? Then look no further than this window-style graphic organiser. Add a little spark to your otherwise dreary word study lesson with this template

Students cut out the strip and frame, and then complete the information related to a particular root. This graphic organiser allows students to demonstrate their knowledge of the root. They do this by:

  • stating the root’s origin
  • using the root in a sentence
  • giving examples of words containing the root
  • drawing a picture/icon to represent the root (to act as a memory aid)
  • explaining the meaning of the root.

After completing the information, students can then decorate the parts before threading the strip through the frame. Why not encourage your students to complete as many copies of the template as they can? 

Why are Roots Important?

A knowledge of roots is not only beneficial in developing spelling and reading skills but also in expanding vocabulary. This graphic organiser is a fabulous educational tool that will  help your students classify their ideas and begin to see relationships between concepts.

How Can I Use This Resource?

Individuals might like to build their own collection of roots graphic organisers. Alternatively, the completed templates could be displayed in the classroom. Perhaps you might challenge the class to come up with a set of templates where no single root is repeated.

Download & Print — It’s Child’s Play! 

While this printable template can be printed on normal paper, a better result is achieved when heavier card is used.

If you’re interested in learning more about graphic organisers, take a look here: Using Graphic Organisers to Make Your Classroom Buzz! 

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