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Comparing Energy Sources - Worksheet

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Compare and contrast different types of renewable energy sources with a printable graphic organiser.

Which Energy Source is Best? Renewable or Nonrenewable?

Renewable energy sources, such as solar, wind, and hydroelectric power, are often touted as the future of energy production. While they have many positive attributes, including being clean and sustainable, they also have their drawbacks. In fact, each renewable energy source has unique advantages and disadvantages, making it important to carefully consider which ones we rely on to power our world. The same goes for nonrenewable resources. How do you decide which one works best?

Eight Energy Sources – One Organiser – Easy and Thorough Energy Lessons

Help your students compare and contrast different renewable energy sources with a handy graphic organiser. This resource download invites the student to research a group of eight different renewable and nonrenewable energy sources. The students will research the following.

Coal, Wind, Solar, Geothermal, Hydroelectric, Natural Gas, Oil, and Nuclear Energy

For each energy source, students will research its renewable or nonrenewable status, its advantages, and its disadvantages. Finally, they will use what they have learned to state their opinion on which energy source they feel is best.

Download and Print Your Renewable and Nonrenewable Energy Worksheets

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