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World Storytelling Day 2023 Teaching Resources

Celebrate stories for World Storytelling Day 2023 this March with worksheets, printable activities, crafts, and more, all designed for primary students. This carefully curated collection of storytelling resources has undergone rigorous review by the members of the Teach Starter teacher team to ensure each worksheet and digital activity is ready for your classroom! Is this the first year you will be celebrating World Storytelling Day in your classroom? The Teach Starter teacher team has a little history to get you started! 

What Is World Storytelling Day?

World Storytelling Day is an annual event that occurs each March to celebrate the art of oral storytelling. The event was first celebrated in the 1990s in Sweden where it was called Alla Berättares Dag, or All Narrators Day. It is now celebrated in countries all around the world, with events and activities aimed at promoting the practice of storytelling and its cultural, educational, and therapeutic value. As a teacher, this day provides a chance to focus on inclusion and cultural diversity in the classroom as you (and your students) tell and listen to stories from different cultures and in different languages.

When Is World Storytelling Day 2023?

The March calendar is already packed, but you may want to add this event to yours: It will be held on the 20th of March in 2023 both in Australia and around the world.

What Is the World Storytelling Day 2023 Theme?

Following the theme of this celebration can help you plan your lessons more quickly! In 2023, that theme is “Together We Can" which focuses on building community and inspiring change. 
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