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Do you need a printable word search to reinforce the vocabulary your students are learning or just to inject a bit of fun into the school day? You've hit the jackpot with this huge collection of word search puzzles designed by teachers for teachers! This extensive collection of printable find-a-words covers a wide range of primary school subjects and topics and includes vocabulary games for the holidays. These search-a-word teaching resources are particularly useful for teachers working with struggling readers to help boost reading comprehension achievements and will also help students who are struggling with language to become more familiar with their newly learned words. Each find-a-word in this collection has undergone a complete review by a teacher on the Teach Starter team to ensure it's ready to print and be used in your classroom!

How to Use Word Searches in Your Classroom

Looking for new ways to use this simple tool in your classroom? The teachers on the Teach Starter team have put together a few ideas to liven up your classroom and unlock more 'aha' moments for your students!
  1. Set word searches aside for your relief teacher for simple work students can complete when you're out sick.
  2. Use word searches as an eye-training tool for students with reading deficits in a special education classroom.
  3. Use word searches to help students develop their decoding and deciphering skills.
  4. Use the vocabulary word list on each search and practise pronunciation with new English learners before allowing them to work to find the words in the puzzle.
  5. Create some word search excitement by setting a time challenge using an online countdown clock!
Don't see exactly the puzzle you need for your classroom? Check out our handy online word search generator for teachers!
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