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Reward Charts Teaching Resources

Looking for printable reward charts or online versions for your behaviour management this school year? Our teacher-created collection has you covered with effective rewards, free printables, and more ways to emphasize positive behaviour in the classroom!

How Do You Reward Students in the Classroom?

This collection has been designed by our teacher team to work with a variety of popular rewards, which of course begs the question: What rewards can I use with students in the classroom? Here are some of our teacher team's favourite ideas:
  1. Stickers. Sure, you can use a sticker chart to track student behaviours, but have you thought to use stickers as the actual reward for your students? They're always a hit with children, and you can even use our digital stickers on online projects!
  2. Time with you. Your break time is valuable, so this is a reward you may want to use sparingly, but winning time to sit with you is a great way to build relationships with your students.
  3. No homework pass. This is always popular with children, and it's easy for you too — one less worksheet to review!
  4. Books. You may buy some books from a cheap shop for this idea, ask other teachers if they have books they are getting rid of in their classroom library, or even just make the reward a chance to take home some books from your library to be returned at a later date.
  5. Raffle tickets. Set up a scheme for students to earn raffle tickets they can redeem in your prize box!

Are Reward Charts a Good Idea?

Wondering if reward charts are the right strategy for your classroom? Are these tools really a good idea in this day and age? It's good to think these things through — after all, educational research is constantly being updated, and what works for one teacher may not work for another. The Teach Starter team of teachers makes a point to review teaching trends regularly to keep your favourite resources up to date, and that means we've done a thorough deep-dive into the latest on how to dole out rewards. We can't tell you whether a chart is right for your teaching style, but we can give you a few tips!
  1. Avoid displaying individual reward charts that have the potential to shame students. Charts displayed in the classroom should be about the entire class, while any sort of tracking for an individual student should be kept private.
  2. When using reward charts, focus on positive behaviours and building toward goals rather than on punishing negative behaviours. The target behaviours you focus on should be attainable and easy for you to measure — not unlike SMART goals. This makes it easier for students to connect their target behaviours with the concept of the reward.
  3. Talk about all the positives of the behaviour. When they are working toward something they really want, it can be incredibly motivating, but the reward should not be the only reason for the behaviour. Discuss the entire picture with the student and emphasize the many positive benefits they're receiving, even the intangible ones.
  4. Consistency is key. If you're using a reward chart, you have to keep up with it. This can be tough with individual student rewards, but it's paramount to the strategy's success.
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