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Motivational Quote Posters for the Classroom Teaching Resources

Decorate your classroom with motivational quotes for students that will inspire them all year! This printable poster collection has been carefully curated by the Teach Starter team of teachers to offer you options to bring out the best in your students this school year.

Do Motivational Quotes for Students Work?

Looking for quotes for the classroom but not quite sure how to choose? Perhaps you're wondering if motivational quotes are really right for your students? Science says yes! Researchers have found that reading an inspirational quote can give kids the same feeling as actually accomplishing something. What a wonderful self-esteem boost!

What Is a Good School Quote?

Picking the right quote for your classroom is going to come down to the tone you'd like to set for the year and the topics you'd like to focus on, but here are some general themes you might want to consider!
  1.  Sustainability quotes will remind students to be kind to our Mother Earth and encourage them to be responsible stewards of the earth this school year (and beyond).
  2. Making a difference quotes will remind students that even though they're just kids, their decisions have an impact!
  3. Change is good quotes help students learn to be flexible.
  4. Quotes about feedback can help kids learn to receive constructive criticism.
Explore the whole collection to find the best posters for your classroom. We recommend you use these posters to encourage positivity and resilience and to inspire students as learners. In addition to using them as decorations, why not pop them into frames to send home with students as gifts that inspire?
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