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National Science Week 2023 Teaching Resources

Get ready for National Science Week 2023 with science worksheets, printable activities, and more for the primary school classroom. This collection of curriculum-aligned teaching resources comes from the teacher team at Teach Starter and has been reviewed by our expert teachers to ensure each activity, worksheet, and game is ready for your classroom. If you are looking for some fun science week activities to go with this year's National Science Week theme, or just a generic science activity, read on for ideas from the teachers of Teach Starter!

What Is National Science Week?

National Science Week is celebrated every year in Australia all across the nation. It's a week to come together as a school community and to celebrate all things science and technology! This week in August is a good time for the community to come together and learn about the latest scientific research and discoveries, and to engage with scientists and science enthusiasts. With the activities and lessons teachers do in the primary classroom, National Science Week can inspire the next generation of scientists, and promote the understanding and importance of science in shaping our future.

When Is National Science Week 2023?

Since 1997, this event has occurred every August. This year, National Science Week will take place from 12 to 20 August in 2023.

National Science Week 2023 Activities

Wondering what you can do in the classroom to celebrate National Science Week? Here are some ideas:
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