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Kindness Teaching Resources

Encourage your students to spread kindness around like confetti with this extensive collection of kindness resources for primary school teachers. Whilst we believe it's important to promote kindness every day, there are also certain dates in the calendar where schools celebrate kindness and its positive impacts.

Celebrations of Kindness

So whether you're observing Random Acts of Kindness Day (held annually on February 17), World Kindness Day (held annually on November 13), or simply trying to embed social and emotional learning into your everyday program, we have you covered with our posters, templates, and hands-on materials.

Kindness Teaching Ideas

Create a compliments box for your classroom, make a kindness rock garden, or recognise your students' random acts of kindness by adding them to a classroom display. In a world where your students can be anything they want to be, encourage them to always be kind!
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