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Growth Mindset Teaching Resources

Help students build a growth mindset with teaching resources designed specifically to help establish a growth mindset for kids. Created by teachers, for teachers, each worksheet, classroom poster, and activity in this collection has undergone rigorous review by the Teach Starter team to ensure it's ready for the classroom. Still learning about the growth mindset and wondering how it applies to kids in your classroom? Read on for some tips from our expert teachers! 

The Growth Mindset Definition for Kids

The growth mindset definition (and concept) comes from a Stanford University professor named Carol Dweck. Broken down to be easily understood by kids, essentially a growth mindset is a belief that you can develop your brain to be better and better at different skills through a mix of effort and different strategies. Kids with a growth mindset are able to see failures as learning opportunities and push past them. This is often compared to a fixed mindset, which hampers kids who feel like their intelligence and abilities can't substantially be improved. A fixed mindset can frustrate students, while a growth mindset is one that offers opportunities to grow.
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