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First Day of School Activities Teaching Resources

Make the first day of school for 2023 the first of many days your students buzz about to their carers when they get home! The Teach Starter team of teachers has curated a collection of everything you'll need to welcome primary students back to the classroom with first-day-of-school activities, games, colouring sheets, and so much more to get your planning sorted before starting school! Each printable and digital teaching resource in this collection for Australian teachers has undergone rigorous review by an expert teacher on our team — so you know they are classroom- and student-ready.

First Day of School 2023 Activities

Is this your first year with your own classroom? Or maybe you're just looking for some fresh ideas to welcome students this term? Our teacher team has heaps of ideas to get you started! If you're a veteran teacher, you already know that the first week of school is all about team-building and setting expectations. If you're new to the classroom, don't worry. Curriculum will come, but these first few weeks will define your year, and you want to use them wisely. Here are a few ways to start building relationships on day one, as well as setting those behaviour expectations:
  1. Print first-day-of-school student gifts to place on their desks as a surprise when they enter the classroom.
  2. Set up an all-about-me activity that you can use as a classroom display after students have shared details about their favourite things.
  3. Organise a few getting-to-know-you games to play during the first week of school to help students socialise and make new mates. Students will never say no to a good game of Never Have I Ever (and our template is child-appropriate!).
  4. Help students get acquainted with their new school environment with a fun scavenger hunt that will lead them to the tuckshop, library, and more spots around the school. (Bonus: This is available as a PowerPoint to save paper!)
  5. Play a game of behaviour charades to make learning classroom expectations more fun.
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