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Easter 2023 Teaching Resources

Get ready for Easter 2023 in your primary school classroom with bunny classroom decorations, word walls, activities, baskets, and more ways to bring the bunny hopping into your primary school festivities. From the famous Teach Starter funky bunny to printable bonnets for your Easter bonnet parade, there's something for every teacher in this teaching resource collection.
Planning Easter lesson plans and need some inspiration? Read on for a primer from our teacher team!

When Is Easter 2023?

Easter Sunday moves around the calendar, and this year it will be on the 9th of April, 2023. Schools will be closed on Friday, the 7th of April for Good Friday and then on Monday, the 10th of April, for the Easter Monday holiday.

What Are Some Easter Activities for the Classroom?

What you do on Easter in the classroom may depend on where you are teaching as this is a religious holiday for many. Explore this list of Easter activities from our teacher team, and choose the type that is right for your class of students!
  1. Easter Egg Decorating: Students can decorate paper or plastic eggs with paint, markers, or other materials to create their own unique designs.
  2. Art Projects: Students can create Easter-themed art projects such as decorating a funky bunny, writing Easter cards, building Easter baskets (this makes a great STEM activity!), or completing Easter-themed craft.
  3. Storytelling: You can read Easter-themed stories to your students or have them write their own Easter stories.
  4. Easter Egg Hunt: You may like to organise an Easter egg hunt for students in your classroom or around the school where they can search for plastic eggs filled with candy or small toys.
  5. Easter Research Projects: Students can research the history and cultural significance of Easter and present their findings to the class.
It is important to note that not all students will be able to participate in these activities and some may have a different approach depending on their religious or cultural background.
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