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Digital Teacher Planners Teaching Resources

Download a new 2023 teacher planner that you can use anywhere you are! This complete collection of digital teacher planners have been created by the teachers of Teach Starter to help boost sustainability and make access easier. Never again will you find yourself sitting down to plan your lessons on a Sunday afternoon only to realise you left your teacher diary back in your classroom!

How to Download and Use Our 2023 Digital Teacher Planners

These digital planners are simple to use — each of the packs includes different templates in Microsoft PowerPoint form. They can be copied, deleted, or duplicated as you see fit. Templates include:
  • cover pages and dividers to keep things organised
  • general class organisation tables and information
  • daily planning options
  • monthly planning options
  • term planning options
  • weekly planning options
  • a yearly planner
Use them for planning in 2023, and you can reuse them again in 2024 ... and beyond!
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