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All About Me Teaching Resources

All about me worksheets, activities, templates and more are here to welcome your students back to school! Explore a collection of teaching resources created by the teachers of Teach Starter just for teachers like you! This collection has been carefully curated by our expert teacher team to include the best printable and digital options for teachers who are looking for fresh ways to start the school year. Each all about me activity and template has undergone a review process to ensure it's ready to be used with students.

What Is an All About Me?

The name may seem obvious, but maybe not! If you've just stumbled across this back-to-school resource type, don't fret. Our teacher team has some tips to get you up to speed:
  1. An all about me or all about myself template is a worksheet designed for students to share some information about themselves with teachers and classmates. This is often filled out on the first day of school or during the first week of school.
  2. They may share simple things such as their name and age or more personal details such as a favourite book or animal. More detailed versions will allow children to share descriptions of themselves, which also allows you to begin assessing your new students' writing skills.
  3. All about me activities can help your students get to know their new classmates and also help you begin to build relationships with your new class. These templates can be hung on a classroom display or used as classroom decorations, and their parents and carers will love spotting their children when they enter the classroom for a back-to-school night or parent interview.
Explore the whole collection to find the perfect worksheets to learn 'all about' your new students this term! 
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