Classroom Management Teaching Resources

We have curated a collection of classroom management resources to help make you an effective teacher and help your students learn. You'll find all the materials you need to establish class rules and routines, academic expectations and behaviour management strategies. Start creating a positive classroom environment that empowers student learning today.

Types of Classroom Management Resources

  • Behaviour - An extensive collection of behaviour management related teaching resources including posters and checklists for visual reminders of classroom expectations, organisational skills and classroom expectations with your primary students. There are also resources and instructional blogs that enable and detail effective classroom management strategies related to student motivation, rules and expectations, positive reinforcement and social skills.
  • Routines - A collection of resources to use when establishing and maintaining daily classroom routines. The offering includes generic calendar templates, themed classroom task charts, classroom job charts, a morning routine PowerPoint, timetables and before and after class organisational posters. Display these resources in your classroom to remind your students where they should be, what their job is and what they will be doing throughout the day.
  • Goals and Feedback - Help your students reach their learning goals with these helpful goal-setting and feedback teaching resources. Included in the collection are display posters, brag tags, visible learning goal PowerPoints, growth mindset resources and reflective thinking sentence starters. Also available are goals and 'I can' statements for English and Mathematics.
  • Group Organisation - This collection of group organisation resources includes a variety of posters, worksheets, tables and role description cards to display and use in the classroom during group activities. These resources can be used across all key learning areas when organising students into different groups or when assigning students with group roles and responsibilities.

The Benefits of Effective Classroom Management

Classroom management strategies help with:
  • Improved student behaviour
  • Better teacher-student relationship
  • Greater academic achievement
  • A positive and orderly classroom environment that encourages students and academic engagement
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